Zero Squad

Road to Phandalin
Goblins, BugBears and Redbrands, Oh my!

Hired to deliver goods to Phandalin by your dwarf buddy.

Run into dead horses and Goblin Ambush!

Find Cragmaw Goblin hideout. Rescue body guard. Kill a bunch of Goblins and a bugbear.

FInd stolen goods, but no dwarf buddy.

Continue on to Phandalin.

Find out dwarf buddy must have been taken to Cragmaw Castle.

Find out that bodyguard is part of a justice-y organization. His wizard buddy never made it to Phandalin.

Find out Redbrands are terrorizing locals, led by a fellow named Glasstaff.

Beat up a bunch of Redbrands and find out they are running things from the decrepit mansion on the hill.


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